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 Love medicine for couples

Care about relations – raise your vibrations!

IntentLove Medicine – what is it?

IntentLove is an hour long meditation where partners go through a deep process of MEETING each other in truth, mindfulness and intimacy.
During IntentLove Meditation we are attentive to each other and each other’s feelings. We contact our deep needs and we express them. We are in a state of presence. Not only physically, but also psychically, emotionally and even spiritually. We unite so much that – dissolving in ourselves and each other, and the world around us – we may  temporarily lose sense of our boundaries. We experience synergy, a new quality, which strengthens and accompanies us during days following the meditation.

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IntentLove Meditation Description

Invitation to practice together

Let’s practise online together

Only a regular meditation guarantees real benefits. That’s why we brought IntentLove ONLINE – LIVE to life – a weekly practice during which hundreds of couples can experience IntentLove effect with additional support of field energy of the group. Each pair practices in their own bedroom but because we all experience the same stages of the process exactly at the same time, the strengthening effect is incredible.

Each SUNDAY we meet 

on ZOOM platform

If the system asks you for a meeting ID or password:
Meeting ID: 308-731-544

Password: 742380

IntentLove Medicine 

– this is what we need in present times.
Let’s be TOGETHER!!

Who we are?

 Dawid Rzepecki

Philosophically and therapeutically educated coauthor of IntentLove Meditation.
30 years in personal development, 20 years of trainer experience. Together with his wife, Zosia, conducts TantraLove – advanced workshops for couples. Holds men circles and development expeditions to Africa, America and Asia.
A father of three daughters.

 Zosia Rzepecka

Psychologically and therapeutically educated coauthor of IntentLove Meditation.
20 years in personal development, 15 years of trainer experience. Together with her husband, Dawid, conducts TantraLove – advanced workshops for couples.
A mother of two daughters.

  • We’ve been working as personal development and partnership relationship teachers and therapists for 15 years (20 years for Dawid). What we do is our passion, we treat it as our life mission. At the same time it’s our one and only source of income, which means we care to make our work professional, still improved and more and more effective.  
  • We live what we teach. We ourselves use all the contents, meditations and tools presented on this website effectively.
  • We are experienced in psychology, psychotherapy, development and spirituality. But you will find more people like that. What makes us special is fact that we practice and teach modern tantra. This means that apart from therapeutic support in crisis we lead couples towards new positive dimensions of sexual life. For instance – a sexologist helps bring back sexual life to so called norm. Such help might be necessary in pathological situations. We lead couples way further into depths of sexual life, beyond just health dimension. In our work we use multicultural sources where sex was not taboo yet. Hindu Tantra, Chinese Taoism or Kogi Indians have so much to say on human sexuality that we still can learn from them. Psychologists, sexologists, psychotherapists and therapists of various trends participate in our workshops, because their trainings have never covered such far reaching issues in the field of human sexual life..
  • We are a perfect match for each other, but we’re not perfect for others. This means that everybody searches for their own version of themselves. We know no way of life can be imposed on anyone as everybody is special and absolutely unique. There is no point in copying others either. In the whole universe there is no, never was and never will  be such a phenomenon as each of us. That’s why each of us has their own way, their own choices and their own responsibility for them.
  • We show ourselves and our life. Not as an example to follow but to show that the method we use has been working for us for years. We see how implementing a few simple intimacy and communication techniques changes peoples life for better. 
  • We are in development process and we are still learning to live more fully. We are not infallible. We make lots of mistakes. We believe, however, that ‘mistakes’ become lessons if we learn from them. It’s better to make thousand various mistakes than to make the same mistake a thousand times. 
  • We love lots of people (it may be called heart polyamory), but the intimate relationship remains between the two of us (monogamy). This also means that during the practices and meditations we propose we don’t separate or mix couples.
  • We are parents. We have two daughters together (Dawid has three daughters).  Conscious parenting is part of our life and our development. Children are important for us but at the same time we remember about ourselves and each other as a couple caring about our intimate space.
  • We practice Life-Work Balance, which means we care about free time and relax as well as responsibilities and our work with couples. 
  • We travel  around the Word with our daughters and mothers. Two small children and two ladies over 70 on a scooter in India or Thailand? It’s us. 

Media about us: https://tantralove.eu/o-nas/media-o-nas/











 Our Team

IntentLove Meditation supports hundreds of couples. We invited some of them – experienced in personal, therapeutic or trainer development – to cooperate with us. All of these couples graduated our advanced internship programme and practice IntentLove with us regularly.
Owing to them you can get quick and competent support on IntentLove practice. If you find something unclear or something brings you new challenges, feel free to contact our team.

​Coordinator of IntentLove team
Monika Cwajda – a psychologist and psychotherapist. TantraLove internship for couples graduate.
You can contact her at: monika.cwajda@gmail.com

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IntentLove Meditation  TEAM

The idea of bringing IntentLove Meditation TEAM into life came from our internal need of sharing this beautiful experience with others. We all still remember well our beginnings. We understood little, nothing worked properly and only the possibility to consult Zosia and Dawid regularly helped us slowly understand, feel and go into this practice deeper. Today we want to share this knowledge and experience with You. If you don’t know how to go through this mediation, have questions or doubts, want to ask about technical details, feel free to write to us. We are here to help you and explain everything. Together we can do more. Monika Cwajda


Monika Cwajda – team coordinator

Monika Cwajda – team coordinator

If you feel the need of support on IntentLove Meditation email: monika.cwajda@gmail.com


Monika i Dominik Cwajda

Monika i Dominik Cwajda

24 years together, over 10 years in personal development. Friends, lovers, parents of two sons. TantraLove intership for couples graduates, currently during a training on conducting IntentLove workshops for couples. Monika is a psychologist and psychotherapist. Runs her own practice and on daily basis supports children and their parents in one of Warsaw primary schools. Her heart is close to feminine spaces, individually she is on a tantric path for women in Prem Santoshi School. Dominik – a manager in large organisation, privately mountain and nature lover, supports men in their personal development and their relationships with partners.

Iwo i Jerz Łaźniewscy

Iwo i Jerz Łaźniewscy

30 years together. Iwo is an educated doctor of biology. A therapist (bodywork, sexual traumas, biodynamic and biomanual therapies). The author of ‘Bodyfulness – Conscious body’ therapeutic method supporting releasing physical and emotional traumas. Jerz is a naturalist, an ecologist and a photographer. Holds circles for men. Together they conduct couples support workshop.
TantraLove internship for couples graduates, currently during a training on conducting IntentLove workshops for couples. Parents of a teenage son.

Ola Chybicka-Myszka i Radek Myszka

Ola Chybicka-Myszka i Radek Myszka

20 years together in a relationship, they conduct development classes for couples. Parents of teenage children – Janek and Hania. Ola is a doctor of psychology, body worker and trauma therapist, runs individual therapy, development courses and workshops for adults and youth. Supports women in reaching out for their own power. Radek – 5Rhytms®  teacher – a dynamic practice of embodiment in motion, works individually as a therapist, works as an IT manager in a global organization, regularly co-holds circles for men.

Magda i Jacek Szczęsny

Magda i Jacek Szczęsny

22 years together, on the path of personal development for a few years. Doctors, internal diseases and cardiology specialists. On the way from purely somatic medicine to holistic perception of body and soul. Graduates of psychotherapeutic training in the trend of NARM, in course of gaining experience in psychosomatic medicine, 5Rhytms® dancers. TantraLove internship for couples graduates, currently during a training on conducting IntentLove workshops for couples. Parents of a son and a daughter. Owners of 2 cats and a dog.

Iza i Paweł Sztandera

Iza i Paweł Sztandera

Iza and Paweł have been a couple since 1996, they wed in 2003. They have experience in building long distance relationship, are parents of three children. Iza supports parents and mothers in their motherhood and parenthood, holds workshops, circles. Paweł has a scientific, logical and technical mind, a participant of circles. Graduates of TantraLove internship for couples. Together they support in experiencing IntentLove meditation.

Ania Stasiak i Adam Suchorzewski

Ania Stasiak i Adam Suchorzewski

24 years together. Meeting Zosia and Dawid on their way started transformation time in their relationship. Ania is fascinated with horses, conducts development workshops with them. She graduated Holistic Trainers School. Adam has owned a farm for a year and a half now, and tries to run it honouring the Earth and Nature. He’s learning to listen to people. TantraLove internship for couples graduates, currently during a training on conducting IntentLove workshops for couples. Parents of two daughters.

Sandra Suchecka-Adamczyk i Hubert Adamczyk

Sandra Suchecka-Adamczyk i Hubert Adamczyk

15 years together for better or worse, both in private and professional life. Two strong personalities who have learnt to be together. At work we have to make decisions fast, be focused and very rational. In a word – huge stress. That is why we’ve been in personal development for a few years now.
We have vast experience in a happy relationship, deepened by the fact we managed to survive a crisis, almost a breakup, together. This experience taught us a lot. We’ve been on a tantric path for 4 years now. TantraLove internship for couples graduates, currently during a training on conducting IntentLove workshops for couples. Parents of three children.


1. Is the common IntentLove ONLINE – LIVE practice for free?

Learning IntentLove Mediation is and will be for free. Taking part in ONLINE practice is CURRENTLY for free  

2. Can I participate alone?

Yes, you can take part alone. See the meditation video tutorial where we tell you how to do it.

3. Can homosexual couples practice IntentLove?

Yes, they can. The mediation is a symmetrical process. The sex of participants doesn’t matter. What matters is the dynamics of entering into activity or receptivity by one of the partners, alternating with the other partner.

4. Do I need any experience in meditation?

No experience is necessary. It may be easier if you have some practice but it’s not required. We’ll explain it all to you in the video and just before the ONLINE meeting.

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